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Clear PHY Counters

Description This feature allows the user to reset the forward error correction (FEC) statistics counters shown in the output of ‘show interfaces phy detail’. Platform compatibility 7050SX3 series 7050CX3 series 7050SX2 series 7050CX2 series 7050CX3 series 7300X3 series Configuration To reset the FEC statistics counters: Arista # clear phy counters [interfaces] Show Commands To show the updated counters: Arista # show interfaces phy detail Current System Time: Tue Jan 1 00:00:00 2019 Ethernet1                               Current State     Changes            Last Change...
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Uniform Tx/Rx DOM Thresholds

EOS-4.20.6F adds support for customizing SFP+ and QSFP+ transceiver transmit and receive DOM thresholds. There are three sources of DOM thresholds available:   DOM threshold values that are hard-coded in each transceiver. These values are hard-coded by the transceiver manufacturer, and may vary based on manufacturer part number or serial number. In other words, transceivers with the same Arista part number could have different DOM threshold values. By default, Arista EOS uses the hard-coded values as the default DOM threshold values for each transceiver. An Arista provided DOM threshold file, which can be used to enable uniform thresholds per Arista...
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Tunable SFP

As of EOS-4.15.2F, the support for the tuning of tunable DWDM 10G SFP+ transceivers (10GBASE-DWDM) is added. The following features are supported: Tune the transceiver wavelength/frequency by channel number Show the wavelengths/frequencies supported by the transceiver Show the current wavelength/frequency settings of the transceiver Configuration To tune the transceiver wavelength/frequency by channel number: Arista (config-if) # [ no | default ] transceiver channel <channel_number> [ grid-spacing <spacing> ] Syntax Descripiton: channel channel number. The default channel is 39 (50GHz-spacing grid) which corresponds to a frequency of 193,100 GHz and a wavelength of 1552.52 nm. grid-spacing (Optional) grid-spacing mode. The channel numbering...
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