• Author : Shrey Malik


Sub-interface ACLs

This feature enables ACL functionality on subinterfaces. Platform compatibility Product Family Minimum Software Version DCS-7280E 4.17.0F DCS-7500E 4.17.0F DCS-7280R 4.18.0F DCS-7500R 4.18.0F Configuration ACLs on subinterfaces are configured using the following command: Arista(config-if-Et1.1)#ip|ipv6 access-group <acl-name> in|out ACLs on subinterfaces are unconfigured using the following command: Arista(config-if-Et1.1)#no ip|ipv6 access-group in|out Status Show Commands show ip|ipv6 access-lists <acl-name> summary shows the summary of a configured ACL including the subinterface on which the ACL is configured and active. Arista#show ip access-lists acl1 summary IPV4 ACL acl1 Total rules configured: 1 Configured on Ingress: Et5.1 Active on Ingress: Et5.1 Arista#show ipv6 access-lists acl1 summary...
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