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IPv6 ND Proxy Routed Port and Subinterface Support

Description This feature enables IPv6 neighbor discovery (ND) proxies for IPv6 subnets on routed ports and L3 subinterfaces. When enabling IPv6 ND proxy, all IPv6 ND Neighbor Solicitation (NS) packets will be trapped to the control plane instead of being forwarded. In response, IPv6 ND Neighbor Advertisement (NA) packets with the corresponding interface router MACs will be sent back. Platform compatibility DCS-7800R3 DCS-7500R3 DCS-7280R3 Feature History Release Update 4.26.1F Initial introduction Configuration CLI command to configure IPv6 neighbor discovery proxies: switch(config-if-Et1)# ipv6 nd proxy prefix [A:B:C:D:E:F:G:H/I | connected] The ipv6 nd proxy prefix command have two options as follows. It...
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Storm Control Speed Rate Support

Description Storm control enables traffic policing on floods of packets on L2 switching networks. The documentation describes the storm control feature with the speed percentage rate support on the following platforms. The feature support on other platforms is available in the EOS manual. Platform compatibility DCS-7280R3 DCS-7500R3 DCS-7800R3 Configuration CLI command to configure storm-control with a speed percentage rate: switch(config-if-Et1)# [no] storm-control [ broadcast | multicast | unknown-unicast ] level [ <0.01-99.99> ] Sample config: switch(config-if-Et1)# storm-control broadcast level 0.01 switch(config-if-Et1)# storm-control multicast level 50 switch(config-if-Et1)# storm-control unknown-unicast level 99.99 switch(config-if-Et1)# no storm-control ? broadcast Configure storm control for broadcast...
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Storm Control Packet-per-second Support

Description 4.25.2F introduces storm control with packet-per-second support in the platforms listed below. TOI describing the feature in other platforms/versions, including CLI command details, is available here. Platform compatibility DCS-7280R3 DCS-7500R3 DCS-7800R3 Syslog Messages When configuring storm control pps with ingress protocol counters, the following syslog message may be generated if a conflict is detected with another enabled feature. SandCounters: %DATAPLANE-4-COUNTER_RESOURCE_CONFLICT: Counter resource conflict between features StormControlMeterIngress and Ipv4v6Ingress When configuring storm control pps while there are insufficient hardware counter resources, the following syslog message may be generated. SandCounters: %DATAPLANE-4-COUNTER_RESOURCE_FULL: Hardware resources are insufficient to enable counters for feature StormControlMeterIngress...
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