• Author : Hind Kishore Geel


OSPF routes over GRE tunnels

Description This feature introduces the support for OSPF routes over GRE tunnels under default as well as non-default VRFs. The feature is disabled by default. Platform compatibility DCS-7050X DCS-7050X2 DCS-7250X DCS-7300 DCS-7060X DCS-7060X2 DCS-7260X3 CCS-720XP (Starting in EOS 4.22.1F) DCS-7050SX3 (Starting in EOS 4.22.1F) DCS-7010T (Starting in EOS 4.23.0F) 7368 (Starting in EOS 4.23.1F) vEOS router DPDK mode (MODE=sfe in /mnt/flash/veos-config) Starting 4.24.1F DCS-7020 Not supported on DCS-7020SRG DCS-7280R DCS-7280R2 DCS-7500R Linecards DCS-7500R2 Linecards Starting 4.25.1F DCS-7280R3 Not supported on DCS-7280CR3MK DCS-7500R3 Linecards DCS-7800R3 Linecards Starting 4.25.2F OSPFV3 over GRE Not supported on DCS-7250X, DCS7010T, DCS-7280 Configuration The OSPF ‘tunnel...
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