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User Account Management with On-premises Wireless Manager

Introduction This article describes how you can administer user accounts on Wireless Manager, like change password, set timezone and manage access levels. Prerequisites Administrative access to On-premise Wireless Manager. Solution Log in to Wireless Manager and navigate to Configuration > User Accounts > Users. Edit a user or Add a new user here. Click on the login ID to manage the account Click on “Change” beside Password to set a new password. Use the drop down to select Time zone. The Role and Allowed Locations will allow you to control the access privileges of the user. Note: The admin user...
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How to Configure and Assign User Access Roles via RADIUS / NPS

Introduction This article describes how to authenticate users and assign different access roles via RADIUS server (NPS) integration with on-premises Wireless Manager. Prerequisites Administrative access to on-premises Wireless Manager. RADIUS server with Administrator privileges Configured correct shared secret and RADIUS client on the RADIUS server Solution Configure ‘Superuser’ Access Role Log in to NPS with Administrator credentials. Under NPS expand Policies and click Network Policies folder. On the Overview tab, enter the appropriate information. Go to Conditions tab, add Windows Domain Admin group. Go to Constraints tab and enable Authentication Method (PAP) as Wireless Manager communicates with the RADIUS server...
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Customize Channels to Monitor on an Arista AP

Introduction Channels to Monitor are defined by the operating region setup in the device; however, this can be customized as needed. In this article, we will look at how to customize the channels monitored by Arista APs. Prerequisites Administrator or higher access to CloudVision WiFi / Wireless Manager. Awareness of any regional restrictions on wireless channels. Solution On CloudVision WiFi, navigate to Configure > WiFi > SSID > Radio Settings to view the current WiFi Regulatory Domain. Navigate to Configure > WiFi > SSID > Device Settings > Security to view the channels that are selected under the monitor list....
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How to Export Events and Audit Logs to an ArcSight Server

Introduction This article explains the process to add an ArcSight server for the export of Events and Audit logs. Prerequisites Administrative access to Wireless Manager. Information about the ArcSight server destination like IP address and port. Solution This article applies to the on-premises Wireless Manager servers running software version 8.9. If you wish to use Syslog instead, please refer to the Syslog Integration article. Access the configuration by navigating to Configuration → ESM integration → ArcSight Integration The service is enabled by default and you can add a new ArcSight syslog destination by selecting “Add ArcSight Server”. Enter IP address...
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How to Register Arista APs via Launchpad

Introduction This article describes how to self register an Arista AP in your Cognitive WiFi cloud account via Arista Launchpad, using the MAC address and Registration Key. Prerequisites Arista Launchpad login account with administrator privileges. Arista AP MAC address and Registration Key. Solution Log in to Launchpad and click the WiFi Device Registration tile on the Dashboard. On the Device Registration page, click the Import button. Enter the Serial Number i.e. MAC address without colons and Registration Key. The Registration Key can be found on the label of the Arista AP, or by logging in to the AP config CLI...
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