• Automating CVX BugAlert Database Updates

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Bug Alert Update Automation


Arista Networks released the Bug Alert feature as part of EOS 4.17.0F. Arista publishes a database in JSON format of bugs. This database is installed on the CloudVision Exchange (CVX) that provides NetDB services to your Universal Cloud Network. Using the included CLI a user can report on her environment for know bug exposures based on the actual configuration and EOS versions of the switches. This is indeed a powerful feature and in this article we will explain how to automate the updating of the Bug Alerts database with a simple script.


For more information on the Bug Alerts feature and usage please see the following EOS Central article:

Bug Alerts




The Python script is maintained on Github here: https://github.com/coreyhines/Arista




Copy bugalertUpdate.py to /mnt/flash on the CVX EOS VM. change values of username and password to a valid www.arista.com account run the script from bash to install the alertbase database run the script subsequently from the EOS scheduler for periodic update checks



The first time the script runs it will determine that the AlertBase.json file does not exist. It then installs the database. At this point the user can schedule the script with the EOS scheduler. It is not necessary to update this database more than once per day as an initial guideline.



Arista Networks EOS shell


[admin@cvx01 ~]$ cd /mnt/flash

[admin@cvx01 flash]$ ./bugalertUpdate.py

Bug Alert Databse does not exist. Installing…


Updating the database:


[admin@cvx01 flash]$ ./bugalertUpdat.py

DB                Release Date      Version

———-        ————      —————————–

local version     2017-03-24        1c64ef5d-d35c-4d87-834e-58696fa7eb10

web version       2017-04-13        830861c2-d336-481d-8bd8-06e0c8d5f0cb 

Updating BugAlert database!

[admin@cvx01 flash]$


At the time of writing the script is a very simple example of using a simple Python web request script to keep a very powerful new Arista EOS capability up to date. In time, perhaps logging and other features can be added to the script to keep tabs on the script and its results.


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