• Automating L3 EVPN instances deployment using CloudVision Portal

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The intention of this article is to show how CloudVision Portal can be used to deploy L3 EVPN instances on one switch, or many switches, using a CloudVision Portal configlet builder.

A complete demonstration of how CloudVision Portal is used to deploy an EVPN instance and EVPN fabric can be found here

The configlet builder example provided on the GitHub Arista repo covers L3 EVPN deployments using physical interfaces as SVI as CE facing interface. The configlet builder example can be used on top of any EVPN underlay and overlay. Below is a step by step procedure which describes how to import and use the configlet builder in CloudVision Portal.

1. Download the configlet builder example at Arista GutHub repo: L3 EVPN configlet builder

2. Import the configlet builder in CloudVision Portal through going to “configlets” and use the import option

3. In order to use the configlet builder: goto a container that has EVPN underlay and overlay configured leaf switches. Or select a single switch that has an EVPN underlay and overlay configured.

4. Use the “Manage Configlet” option for the container or device

5. Fill out the information for the particular provisioning needed to be done

6. Click “Generate” and perform needed validations and save in the “Network Provisioning” view so that tasks are created

7. Execute tasks or use “Change Ctrl” to execute tasks with snapshots and rollback options

The EVPN instance is now deployed.




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