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Arista + Ansible: A Dramatically Simple New Approach

On February 18th, 2016 Ansible (Red Hat) announced a new initiative to help bring years of systems administration experience to the network by creating a new set of modules built specifically for network devices.  This announcement signals a new direction for Ansible, a technology that previously omitted native support for the majority of network vendors.  What does this announcement mean and how can you get started with your Arista devices? A Brief History Astute readers may be wondering, “Why does this matter? I can already manage my Arista device with Ansible.” That’s true, but the announcement from Ansible changes the approach we...
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Ansible playbook for CVX and VXLAN configuration.

Purpose: This playbook allows an administrator to easily configure Cloud Vision Exchange (CVX)  and Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) between two Arista switches. It is ideally suited for test environments and administrators wanting to test CVX and VXLAN functionality. The playbook can be modified for more advanced deployments. Running the playbook: From the cli under the /etc/ansible directory run: ansible-playbook cvx_vxlan_playbook.yaml Prerequisites: An Ansible server (http://docs.ansible.com/ansible/intro_installation.html) arista.eos roles for Ansible v1.0.1. To install run # sudo ansible-galaxy install arista.eos on the Ansible server. Rename the following files under /etc/ansible/roles/arista.eos/library to not have a .py extension i.e eos_config.py becomes eos_config.  # cp...
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