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GRE tunnel configuration – DMF/BMF

DMF support L2-GRE tunneling, to transmit/receive encapsulated monitoring traffic over a network. This feature can be used to extend a DMF deployment across multiple data centers or branch offices over networks connected by Layer 3 networks. This supports centralization or distribution of tools and taps/spans across multiple locations when they cannot be directly connected.   Scenario 1: Using GRE tunnel as a core interface. For core links, the direction of the tunnel should be bidirectional and encap loopback interface is required. Both endpoints will periodically transmit LLDP frames, and DMF will discover that the tunnel is a core link. The...
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CCF & DMF Interface Optics Troubleshooting

Overview Aside from the usual Layer 1 troubleshooting thats available, there are a few other stepsĀ  that can be taken to identify Layer 1 interface issues. 1. Basic Layer 1 Troubleshooting Please ensure you’ve completed the following Layer 1 troubleshooting before moving forward. That would include Reseating the optics Replacing the optics Moving the optics to another port on the switch Cleaning the cables/fiber Changing the cables Loopback testing Ensuring the port speed and optic types are the same 2. HCL Compliant optics The next step would to check if the optics used are HCL compliant, meaning are these optics...
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CCF/DMF Support Bundle

This article covers support bundle generation and tips on how to present the bundles to Arista Support for further analysis. Support bundles are a collection show,bash commands and logs in CCF (Converged Cloud Fabric) and DMF (Danz Monitoring Fabric). Formerly known as BCF and BMF respectively.   How to collect a support bundle CLI Commands From the CLI perspective, You can use the CLI command “Support” to generate the support bundle. BCF3-C1# support Generating diagnostic data bundle for technical support. This may take several minutes... Name : floodlight-support--BCF3-C1--2019-07-04--23-46-47--UTC--B3M5Aq.tar.gz Size : 1.45GB Fs path : /var/lib/floodlight/support/floodlight-support--BCF3-C1--2019-07-04--23-46-47--UTC--B3M5Aq.tar.gz Url : GUI From...
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DMF Upgrade procedures 7.x.x+

DMF Upgrade Procedures Overview This Document will provide the necessary steps to upgrade DMF and its respected nodes individually from 7.x.x onward. These upgrade steps are also present in the DMF deployment guide, starting on chapter 6. https://www.arista.com/en/support/software-download Switch/Node upgrades After the controllers have upgraded, the switches will automatically reboot to upgrade. Service nodes, starting from 7.x.x, will upgrade automatically similarly to fabric switches. Analytics and Recorder nodes need to be upgraded separately, which will be covered later in this document.   Steps for Upgrading Controllers 7.x.x to 8.x.x 1. Download your intended upgrade version ISO from the software downloads...
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DMF Downgrade/ Fresh Install

DMF Downgrade/ Fresh Install   Please be advised downgrading of DMF version image using the “upgrade launch” procedure is not supported. There are 2 ways to perform the downgrades. Loading the alternate boot partition which consists of the previous DMF version image or doing a fresh install via IDRAC. IDRAC Fresh install may be used when you don’t have the previous DMF image on the alternate partition. IDRAC Fresh Install Using IDRAC we can perform a fresh install of the ISO on a device. The process is the same for Controller nodes, Analytics nodes, and Service nodes. Ensure you have...
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