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Achieving Optimal Timestamp Accuracy on 7150 Platforms

Background The launch of the Arista 7150S in 2012 delivered the industry’s first product to offer high speed networking with high granularity packet time stamping in an Ethernet switch/router platform. This article will review how time stamping has evolved since. Arista first conceived of the capability to leverage the 7150S to intersect with an emerging network monitoring market requirement that would improve the ability to capture the proper order of traffic captured by network analysis tools over the out of band (OOB) tap aggregation (aka network packet broker) infrastructure. Applying timestamps to packets at the network ingress ports of the...
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Forward TCPDump to Wireshark

Description Using TCPDump on an Arista switch is an impressive feature and can help with troubleshooting, security concerns, and much more. But if you need to watch a packet capture live using TCPDump can be tricky since you can’t use display filters, trace a packet, and use many different tools that are found in Wireshark. In this article, we will go over how we can forward our live TCPDump session to our local host computer running Wireshark. Please refer to this article to learn the basics of TCPDump on an Arista switch. Using tcpdump for Troubleshooting Platform Compatibility All Arista...
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