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VXLAN bridging with MLAG

VXLAN bridging with MLAG Introduction This document describes the operation and configuration of VXLAN within an Multi-Chassis LAG (MLAG) deployment. The configuration and guidance within the document is based on the platforms and EOS release of table 1.0 Arista MLAG technologyTable 1.0 Arista’s Multi-Chassis LAG (MLAG) technology provides the ability to build a loop free active-active layer 2 topology. The technology operates by allowing two physical Arista switches to appear as a single logical switch (MLAG domain), third-party switches, servers or neighbouring Arista switches connect to the logical switch via a standard port-channel (static, passive or active) with the physical links...
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Script example – Automating VXLAN deployments with EAPI

  1) Introduction This article describes briefly what is required to deploy overlay networks with VXLAN, but we assume a good understanding of the VXLAN fundamentals. To achieve such VXLAN deployments, multiple options exist, from simple but manual, to fully automated service chaining (orchestration) at the cost of having to also set a Cloud Management Platform or a network virtualization controler This article focuses on an easy option that is a good balance between simplicity of operation (automation), and simplicity of  setting up (script ready to go)   2) Working towards automation: it is an evolution This article is not providing...
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