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Monitoring Link Quality Using Forward Error Correction (FEC) Data on Arista Switches

Introduction When forward error correction is enabled, it provides a set of statistics which can be used to monitor the health of the link at layer 1.  By comparing trends over time it may be possible to predict which links may experience service impacting error rates allowing action to be taken before these events. This document will describe these statistics and how to monitor them on an Arista switch running EOS.   Forward Error Correction Forward error correction (FEC) is a technique used in data communications where data is portioned into blocks and to these blocks parity bits are added. When...
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25G Lane Speed

Introduction With the introduction of support for 25GbE on servers and switches we expect to see a rapid movement to server attachment at 25G, replacing the use of servers at 40G. Even though 25G is becoming norm these days, most of the deployment is still carried out with 10G to servers with 25G as future state. So when a 25G switchport is used, we can use them as 10G/1G/100M ports. But there are some limitations around how to configure them as they follow SerDes quartet, which means a group of 4 ports (eg:Et1-4, Et5-8, etc.) have to be configured in a...
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