Posted on September 16, 2020 7:01 am
 |  Asked by Peter Toth
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I was reading the documentation for EOS 4.20.1F and I have seen the 7060cx-32 is not capable to lower the port speed to 2 Gig when used with a 40G QSFP. The lowest speed it can operate is 10G.

Can someone please confirm this?
There is no way to set the speed to different speeds on each port?

or should we set the speed on the Vlan, like 51,52,53,54 and so and each physical port would show up as 10G ?

This is what we would like to do:

Et5/1/1        connected    51       full   1G
Et5/1/2        connected    52       full   7G
Et5/1/3        connected    53       full   5G
Et5/1/4        connected    54       full   3G

Thank you!

Answered on September 16, 2020 7:15 am

Hi Peter,

Thanks for reaching out.

40G QSFP can be divided into 4 lanes with maximum speed of 10G per lane.
We cannot convert 40G to 1G but incase if you would like to have 1G speed on the link then you can use 2 SFP+ (1G) ports available for the same.
You can refer to the below 7060CX datasheet to get an idea regarding the type of ports and for other hardware specifications:

Also above requirement(setting speed to 1G,7G,5G,3G) cannot be achieved and there is no CLI command.
However you can try Policing/shape rating of the traffic on particular interfaces in order to have specific rate/amount of traffic to pass through the interface.



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