Posted on January 21, 2019 6:37 pm
 |  Asked by Sinan Korkmaz
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Hi all,

I am confused by the datasheet of 7150. The datasheet reads exactly as:

“Advanced Monitoring and TAP Aggregation (DANZ)
• Port Mirroring M:N (4 sessions)
• SPAN/TAP M:N Aggregation ”

Can anybody clearify what exactly that means? Does it mean:
– that there can be a max of 4 aggregation groups?
– or that there can be a max of 4 tap ports?

I am interested in Tap Aggregation mode ONLY here. I understand that Ethernet switch mode has 4 mirroring session limit. Does that also apply to tap aggregation mode (and how if it does)?

Also the same datasheet says that “Traffic Steering” is not yet supported in EOS. The guide has a full chapter about traffic steering under tap aggregation, none of that will work with 7150? I want to separate the incoming traffic with respect to Layer3 and Layer4 header fields, and forward to separate Tool ports (which will be under separate groups). The guide describes using ACLs, then getting them into a class-map, then assigning each class a different group under a policy map, and applying that policy to a tap port. Will that NOT work for 7150 as of today?

And is there any other way of running the Arista box anyway? What does it mean “not supported in EOS”, is there any pther o/s for 7150?

Many thanks,

Posted by Sinan Korkmaz
Answered on January 22, 2019 7:12 am

Somehow the page has responded with errors, and I had to write the question again. Please ignore this one. I have posted another one wiwht the same content without intention.


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