Posted on September 9, 2019 5:09 pm
 |  Asked by Shreyansh Panchal
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We have small DC setup with 3 Racks where Leaf-1 and Leaf-2 are in same Rack-1 which are also acting as a Border leaf for N-S traffic. We want to make Leaf-3 (rack-2) as a Border Leaf-2 for Rack level redundancy.

Current Setup:
Rack-1: Leaf-1 & 2 Server leaf + (Leaf-1 acting as BL-1 and Leaf-2 as BL-2)
Rack-2: Leaf-3 & 4 Server leaf
Rack-3: Leaf-5 & 6 Server leaf

Propose Setup:
Rack-1: Leaf-1 & 2 Server leaf + (Leaf-1 acting as BL-1)
Rack-2: Leaf-3 & 4 Server leaf + (Leaf-3 acting as BL-2)
Rack-3: Leaf-5 & 6 Server leaf

We are going to form NNI (eBGP) with Peer Router for N-S traffic

Kindly let us know if it is feasible considering Active Standby ebgp and also equal load balancing setup. Also share fine tuning parameter.

Posted by RIOPEL
Answered on September 18, 2019 5:17 am


I believe you’re looking for resiliency (e.g. in the event of rack-X outage). I would settle on 1 of the 2 options below.

1) Choose a single leaf-pair for this, and run iBGP across the MLAG Port-Channel for resiliency.
2) Run N-S from the Spines if your concern is around uplinks from both leaf pairs in a rack going down.

Option#2 typically wouldn’t be ideal as you want to maintain lean spines in terms of configuration and complexity, however this is small deployment so should be okay, and yes you can run active like this by tuning the BGP ECMP attributes.

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