Posted on April 13, 2021 4:21 pm
 |  Asked by Anthony Kahwati
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Hi all

I am just about to start out with Arista. I am looking to try to certify.

My current experience is as a Cisco engineer / architect. I have about 15 years experience and am certified for CCNP and CCDP R&S. Just looking at the levels of certification I am guessing I should aim for Level 4 or Level 6 base don where I put myself and the work I have done over the years but when I view the asterix marked comments they suggest that the exams may be cumulative. Does this mean that in order to gain the L4, for example, I should study for L1 – 3 as well as L4? Hopeing for some guidance here as it doesnt seem as straight forward as buying the certification guide as if it were a Cisco exam.

I have another question, it is about re-certification, ones of the ways to gain points is described as:

  • Category 1: Product/Feature Courses – 15 points(required) per 2-hour course/webinar/video (must accumulate at least 60 points)

Where does someone see these courses, webinars, videos, etc? and how do you know if a webinar or video counts towards recertifying?

Thanks all in advance.

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