Posted on January 29, 2014 10:48 am
 |  Asked by Gareth
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I have the vEOS configured under ESX5.1i and have two question

1) I created an OVF template in VMplayer (where all Ethernet1-4 interfaces were ok) and imported this in to my ESX5.1i host – On E3 / E4 I now get the message “Interfaces does not exist. The configuration will not take effect until the module is inserted”  How can the E3 / E4 interfaces be made available?  (I have all 5 x interfaces – 1xmgmt 4xethernet configured in the VM)

2) I can’t bring up a trunk port to support MLAG.  This worked in VMplayer but despite configuring the virtual switches to allow “Promiscuous” mode I can’t get this working under ESX5.1i – has anyone experienced this issue?

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Posted by gflook
Answered on January 29, 2014 10:49 am

1) Please include your .vmx file. You will have to look in your vmx file to confirm the settings and why the interfaces are not showing up. It is most likely not defined in the vmx file.


2) In order to get trunks to work you will have to go into your ESXi Host networking settings where you have defined the virtual switch for each pair of interfaces for your vEOS VMs. Over there under VLAN you will have to choose 4095(ALL). After this trunks should work.



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