Posted on March 10, 2021 6:47 am
 |  Asked by robma Bayu
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Hi, All

Hope you always in good and health condition.


Anyway, i have some problem to monitor our own device into cloud-tracer.

I couldn’t find any connection device in search column. I put the capture on the attachment file. However i have done to configure the monitoring connection into the device i would like to monitor.


Could you have help us to resolve the issue?


Thank in advance






Robma Bayu

Posted by Neha Goyal
Answered on April 7, 2021 9:58 am

Hi Robma,

I hope you are doing well. There are 3 things to check here:

1.If you are using EOS 4.24.2+, CloudTracer metrics are supported with CVP version 2020.3.0 (in default vrf) and 2021.1.0 (in non default vrfs)

2. The configuration on the devices. It should be as follows:

monitor connectivity
no shutdown
host test

3. The scroll bar on the time series database at the bottom should not be pointing to a previous time when you perhaps didn't have connectivity monitor enabled on the devices.

I hope this helps.


Neha Goyal

POC Engineer

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