Posted on March 2, 2021 4:57 am
 |  Asked by Bhargav Chintakunta
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Wondering, where can I get more design options for CVP disaster recovery design.

  • Let’s say I have CVP VM’s hosted in one site and how do I make sure that data is recovered in new sites in case of disaster. I am think some options like SRM from VMware but any inbuilt features will be appreciated
  • If I have CVP’s hosted in multiple sites, can I manage them using single global UI ? Is this feature available or in pipeline?

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Philippe Bureau
Answered on March 3, 2021 7:32 pm


Regarding your first point.  CVP automatically takes backup every night at 02:00 and stores it in /data/cvpbackup/


You can pull this backup from your DR site any way you want.


You can also use linux built-in tool such as crontab to find the latest backup file and scp it out to your DR CVP 15 min after the backup is taken.


You can add this action by editing contab using 'crontab -e' command and add this line :

15 2 * * * find /data/cvpbackup/cvp.* -mtime -1 -execdir scp {} root@DRCVP:/home/cvp/backups/{} ;


In case you need to use your DR, you would only have to restore the backup.


You could even automate the DR CVP to restore your production CVP data every night with another cron entry if you wanted to.



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