Posted on August 21, 2016 3:52 am
 |  Asked by Albert Albert
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I am running CVP 2016.1.1 and I ran into a locking condition which prevent user from modifying the configlet builder once there’s a device attach to that builder generated configlet.

My intention was to have a configlet builder script act as a questionaire during initial device deployment.  The configlet builder is a combination of forms and Python script.  The forms will have drop down options providing information for that device.  For example, I created a drop down box name Regions.  It contains values such as AMER, EMEA.  Based on the region values, the Python script will map the respective static configlet(s) to a targeted device.

Here’s the issue I encountered.  Let say,in the future we decided to add APAC.  At first, I thought it was a simple change in the configlet builder by adding APAC to the Region drop down with additional Python logic to map the corresponding configlets to a device based on the new value.  Unfortunately this does not work.  After talking to TAC and it seems that by design, once a configlet builder with generated configlet is assign to a device, you can’t modify that configlet.  When you select edit “pencil icon”, you can only edit the main script.  The form design portion is lock out.

It seems that you better include every functions you ever wanted in your configlet builder.  Once its used, you can’t go back to make modification.

Question:  Am I using the configlet builder in a non supported way?  If yes, what is the correct/better way to achieve similar deployment task?





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