Posted on April 8, 2019 11:21 pm
 |  Asked by Murtaza Vajihee
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I am trying to install CVX using

However, when my VM boots up it give me error attached in the file.
Also it does not pick up IP address from DHCP server.

Please assist

Posted by Tamas Plugor
Answered on April 9, 2019 2:09 am

What platform are you trying to deploy it to?
When you see that, it means, you’re not mounting Aboot and the vmdk correctly.
If you are using virtualbox, use EOS.vmdk as IDE primary master, and Aboot as IDE secondary master.
If you are using KVM, make sure you’re mounting Aboot as a cdrom (ie don’t convert Aboot as qcow2 and mount it as a disk drive).
On ESXI, again, mount Aboot as cdrom.

Hope this helps!

Posted by Runxin Wang
Answered on April 9, 2019 9:02 am

Hi Murtaza,

Thanks for posting the questions. I assume you are trying to deploy the vEOS on a ESX host, there is a known issue due to the change in ESX6 regarding the default provisioning method of virtual disks. Please see the the below link for details and resolution.

VMDK issue

How to deploy vEOS on ESX

Please also ensure there is sufficient resources of CPU and memory assigned to vEOS.

Regarding DHCP, this is not enabled by default, once the vEOS is booted, you can enable DHCP client. Again if you are using vsphere/esx, ensure the vEOS is connected to a portgroup that can reach DHCP server.

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