Posted on August 20, 2019 4:40 pm
 |  Asked by Carlos Navarrete
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IN DCS-7160-48TC6-F version 4.20.7M EoS, we’re not able to check what default method is implemented in SW as we can do in other models like DCS-7280SR-48C6-F.

In documentation, they’re not any reference to configuration like command line permit:
#port-channel load-balance xp polynomial hash-a …

Could you help me, please? Regards.

Posted by Lokesh Charora
Answered on September 17, 2019 6:51 pm

Hello Carlos,

We have not yet implemented a method to configure/show the hash fields in XP based platform i.e. 7160 series.

The feature is expected to be added to future EOS releases.

by default, for an IPv4 packet, in 7160 we currently use:

– source and destination MAC addresses
– Source and destination IP addresses
– L4 source and destination ports

Currently as shown in the following CLI command :

(config)#port-channel load-balance xp polynomial ?
hash-a Hash A
hash-b Hash B
<0-3> Polynomial identifier value

You have a way to modify the hash polynomial to be used.
hash-a is calculated based on the outer header fields
hash-b is calculated based on the inner header fields ( could be useful for VXLAN tunnel scenarios).

Hope this helps.

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