Posted on April 13, 2020 9:00 pm
 |  Asked by Michael Johnson
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Curious if I need to run the EOS 4.24.0FX-Campus on the CCS720XP switch? I am also wondering why Events on CVP 2019 “EOS version too high”.

Current EOS version: 4.23.2F

Current CV 2019 1.1

Streaming Agent Version 1.7.6

Is it recommended to run the main EOS train (.F) or Campus EOS (FX) versions? What is the difference?


Posted by Sreelekha
Answered on April 14, 2020 3:39 am

Hi Michael,

Thanks for writing to the forum.

The FX-campus release is a special release dedicated for campus devices (720 series). It has additional features/caveats to the F release. The release notes of the FX-campus image has all the additional features present in the bundle.

The usual recommendation is not to use FX releases in production environment and use a mainline release (F or M) which has all the additional features of the FX one. Since the mainline release covering these features is not yet out, I suggest you get in touch with your accounts team to find the one which suits your network  requirements the best.

Regarding the CVP "EOS version too high", the EOS  4.23.2F is not supported on the current CVP releases. This would be supported starting 2020.1.0.

The latest EOS supported on CVP is 4.23.1F.

Hope this helps.




Posted by Nitish Garg
Answered on April 14, 2020 3:40 am

Hi Michael,

On a CCS-720XP device, we can run either of the two EOS-4.24.0F or EOS-4.24.0FX-Campus. The same could also be confirmed from the Supported Hardware list in the Release notes of the two. What exact version you should run on the device depends on your requirements. EOS-4.24.0FX-Campus has some additional features and caveats specific to CCS-720XP devices which are mentioned in the EOS-4.24.0FX-Campus Release Notes.


Regarding the "EOS version too high” event on CVP, EOS 4.23.2 is supported in the upcoming CVP release (2020.2.0).

Hope this answers your queries.


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