Posted on June 9, 2018 12:57 am
 |  Asked by Roger Karam
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Hello everyone,
I work for an HPE partner and occasionally user Arista products. We have a customer datacenter who requires RSPAN in their switches and I couldn’t find any documentation stating that this is supported (or not).

Does EOS support mirroring to a remote destination? The user guides don’t have this listed, so I am guessing that it is not supported.

Posted by John Gill
Answered on June 9, 2018 2:55 am

The RSPAN feature is essentially mirroring traffic to an interface that drops into a VLAN that has MAC learning disabled.
We cannot designated VLANs as an RSPAN VLAN or disable them in all platforms.

However, if you happen to send the traffic to a 7500E or 7280 (first gen) switch, you could disable learning per-VLAN and send that VLAN elsewhere:


Posted by Andreas la Quiante
Answered on June 9, 2018 4:45 am

Good morning Roger,

please verify if “mirroring to GRE (tunnel)” would solve your requirements. With IP routing enabled a GRE header added to the copied packet makes it routable over a Layer 3 infrastructure.

Hopefully a starting point:

have a great day,
Andreas (send from Europe)

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