Posted on April 16, 2019 3:59 am
 |  Asked by Sravs T
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I am trying to receive switch health statistics through SNMP traps. I have noticed that my switch has below snmp traps enabled by default.
#show snmp trap
Type Name Enabled
—————— ———————————– ——————–
bgp arista-backward-transition Yes (Global default)
bgp arista-established Yes (Global default)
bgp backward-transition Yes (Global default)
bgp established Yes (Global default)
capacity arista-hardware-utilization-alert Yes (Global default)
entity arista-ent-sensor-alarm Yes (Global default)
entity ent-config-change Yes (Global default)
entity ent-state-oper-disabled Yes (Global default)
entity ent-state-oper-enabled Yes (Global default)
isis adjacency-change Yes (Global default)
isis area-mismatch Yes (Global default)
isis attempt-to-exceed-max-sequence Yes (Global default)
isis authentication-type-failure Yes (Global default)
isis database-overload Yes (Global default)
isis own-lsp-purge Yes (Global default)
isis rejected-adjacency Yes (Global default)
isis sequence-number-skip Yes (Global default)
lldp rem-tables-change Yes
mpls-ldp mpls-ldp-session-down Yes (Global default)
mpls-ldp mpls-ldp-session-up Yes (Global default)
msdp backward-transition Yes (Global default)
msdp established Yes (Global default)
ospf if-auth-failure Yes (Global default)
ospf if-config-error Yes (Global default)
ospf if-state-change Yes (Global default)
ospf nbr-state-change Yes (Global default)
pim neighbor-loss Yes (Global default)
snmp authentication Yes (Global default)
snmp link-down Yes (Global default)
snmp link-up Yes (Global default)
snmpConfigManEvent arista-config-man-event Yes (Global default)
switchover arista-redundancy-switch-over-notif Yes (Global default)
test arista-test-notification Yes (Global default)
vrrp trap-new-master Yes (Global default)

What do these traps mean? I am particularly interested to know the entity type?
If I have to enable a trap for a specific oid in Entity MIB listed below, How can I do that?

#show snmp mib walk ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entPhySensorTable | grep 100711104
ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entPhySensorType[100711104] = INTEGER: amperes(5)
ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entPhySensorScale[100711104] = INTEGER: units(9)
ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entPhySensorPrecision[100711104] = INTEGER: 2
ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entPhySensorValue[100711104] = INTEGER: 1073
ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entPhySensorOperStatus[100711104] = INTEGER: ok(1)
ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entPhySensorUnitsDisplay[100711104] = STRING: Amperes
ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entPhySensorValueTimeStamp[100711104] = Timeticks: (776395850) 89 days, 20:39:18.50
ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entPhySensorValueUpdateRate[100711104] = Gauge32: 5000 milliseconds

Hoping to get some answers here.

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