Posted on January 13, 2022 4:51 am
 |  Asked by Matija Vižintin
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Hi all,

So we are running bgp unnumbered and i’m trying to implement pxe boot. In order to be able to do that i need host routes to be injected into BGP so the traffic will be able to find the ip assigned by the dhcp.

Here comes my issues: it seems that if the interfaces doesn’t have an ipv4 address (which in our case doesn’t since we are doing bgp pairing via ipv6 link-local) then host routes are not generated. What i found and i thought it could work is “ip address unnumbered” (so all interfaces would borrow the ip from the loopback) but it doesn’t, host routes are not generated.

Here is my config:

interface Ethernet6
switchport access vlan 1006

interface Vlan1006
ip address unnumbered Loopback2 (testing what i wrote above)
ip attached-host route export 200
ipv6 enable

Is there a way to generate host routes from arp requests without physically assigning the ip to the interface?



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