Posted on July 5, 2018 7:55 pm
 |  Asked by Mike Fitzgerald
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Newish to Arista. I have a pair of DCS-7280SR-48C6-M-F that I am getting ready to deploy. They’re currently running, but that was loaded months ago in the lab. How do I know which version of code I should be running? Does Arista have a software selector tool or matrix to help guide customers to the most appropriate release?



Answered on July 5, 2018 7:59 pm

Hi Mike.

You can see the general recommendations on below on our website:

For more details, I’d suggest contacting your local Arista System Engineer who can assist discussing the available options considering your requirements.

Posted by Alexis Dacquay
Answered on July 6, 2018 9:43 am

Contacting you SE to understand better your requirement would be the best option.
But here are some simple guidance, generally speaking, at time of writing:

– within a given train, for example your 4.18.xF, you could simply stay on the same train if you don’t need to support newer hardware or newer features. Then the choice is simple, you can normally go for the latest version in that train. At time of writing it would be 4.18.8M.

– if you need specific features you could verify the TOI release notes, then you have to consider what code give you the right balance between your requirement for code longevity, lifetime, hardware support, features, upgrade plans and software lifecycle. The 4.20 train has got a huge amount of new features that are very interesting, making it attractive, and at the 8th release in the train: 4.20.7M, it could be considered mature.

But there is no answer that can fit everyone, hence communicating with an SE might be suitable. Or make sure you do your verification with the TOI and Release notes. A recommendation can be unique per customer, use case, environment. If you communicate with your SE or provide many mode details then it would help make more precise recommendation rather than vague ones.


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