Posted on June 9, 2017 10:29 am
 |  Asked by Konstantin G
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Is it possible to enable Cisco QSFP on Arista 7050S-64 switch ???

SW1#sh int eth51/1-4 status 
Port       Name              Status       Vlan        Duplex  Speed Type
Et51/1                       notconnect   in Po1        full    10G Unknown     
Et51/2                       notconnect   in Po1        full    10G Unknown  
Et51/3                       notconnect   in Po1        full    10G Unknown
Et51/4                       notconnect   in Po1        full    10G Unknown 

XcvrAgent: %TRANSCEIVER-3-DISABLED: The transceiver for interface Ethernet51 has been disabled because it is not qualified. (manufacturer CISCO model AFBR-7QER02Z-CS1 serial number AVE1809B04C-A)

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Posted by Alexandru
Answered on June 9, 2017 10:50 am

To ensure ongoing quality, Arista devices are designed to support only properly qualified transceivers. We are unable to activate your 3rd party components and you should get in touch with your account manager or systems engineer to discuss this further.

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