Posted on October 26, 2019 12:15 pm
 |  Asked by Alex samad
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I want to install the bind rpm package so I can run a full dns server.
I figure i can bind named to a spefic address and let dnsmasq continue on loopback and general.

But I have no repo configure in the standard EOS install
so how and should I install bind rpm

Posted by Tamas Plugor
Answered on October 26, 2019 12:17 pm

Hi Alex,

You can setup a repo from CLI like below:

management package
repository Fedora
type yum

and the install bind with yum.


Thanks, any suggest / comment about adding bind. Seems like EOS interacts with dnsmasq - don't want to screw that up
(Alex samad at October 27, 2019 11:34 pm)
you can just change the port that bind listens on, it's been a while since I used bind, but I think the config file was in /etc/named.conf and there were two lines you could change, one with listen-on port and the other with query-source port.
(Tamas Plugor at October 27, 2019 11:45 pm)

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