Posted on October 20, 2021 12:06 pm
 |  Asked by Matthias Sitte
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not sure if the first posted question got lost somewhere because it doesn’t show up so I’ll repost it..

Are there any special commands to use QFP+ ports 33 and 34 on a 7050CX3-32S switch? The architecture whitepaper states:

Two 1/10G SFP+ ports (33, 34) are provided for alternative connectivity options

  • SFP+ port 34 is shared with two lanes of QSFP port 32 (32/2 and 32/4)
  • By default ports 32/1, 32/3 and 34 are active providing two 10/25 breakouts and one SFP port. (32/2 and 32/4 are disabled)
  • Disabling port 34 allows QSFP 32/1-4 to be activated to provide a single 40/100G port or four 10/25 breakouts.

So, I don’t want to use port 32 but ports 33 and 34. Do I just leave 32 alone and don’t configure it at all? Or should I disable port 32 to use 33 and 34?

Answered on November 15, 2021 5:58 am

Hello Matthias,

By default, Et33 and Et34 can be used without any additional configuration.

The hardware port-group command configures a port group to activate a 40GBASE (QSFP+) interface or four 10GBASE (SFP+) interfaces, affecting QSFP+ and SFP+ availability. Please find the information below

You can specifically set which ports can be used you can use the commands below.

(config)#hardware port-group 1 select?
Et32/1,Et32/3,Et34 Activate ports Et32/1,Et32/3,Et34
Et32/1-4 Activate ports Et32/1-4


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