Posted on October 5, 2015 11:46 am
 |  Asked by Shailendra Patil PATIL
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In my case I have configured the querier on one of the Mlag( Ex. Mlag 20 ) and PIM router on Mlag 30. The Mlags here contain Eth Intfs from both the switches. Now when I send a UDP packet destined for a particular group( Ex. as it is a multicast packet it gets flodded onto the local switch. It doesnt go towards the peer-switch as the peer-link is not a part of the multicast group. When I disable the Mlags on one of the switch the Mlag status on both the switches become ”Inactive” Now the peer-link becomes a part of the multicast groups.

I need to understand why only in this case the peer-link becomes a part of Mlag????.. why not in the case when all the Mlags are active????.

Next, If the peer-link is part of the group and I send a UDP multicast packet from a local switch it gets flooded on to the local switch and as peer-link is part of the group It also gets received onto the peer-link which inturn travels to the peer switch. Now as in the local switch for Ex. Mlag 23 has received this packet will the Mlag 23 present onto the peer-switch also receives this????. Just clarify me on this scenario???

I want to know whether the peer-switches act independently in case of multicast scenario?????..

Please clarify me on the questions I asked above.

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