Posted on January 5, 2021 3:33 pm
 |  Asked by Skyler Prahl
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I have a lot of DCS-7050SX-64-F on fw 4.21.10m.

According to a previous post I read here, there is a new feature int he 4.21 hardware that allows transceiver alarms to log to the show log.

Here is where I read that information

I have enabled this feature on several of our aristas and the alarms that are shown in “show int trans dom thresholds” still do not appear in the logs.

Is there a per port configuration that must be enabled for this to work?

Posted by Skyler Prahl
Answered on January 5, 2021 6:30 pm

Just as an update, on firmware 4.21.10m we have one of these devices that is reporting bias current threshold alarms directly to the "show log" but not TX/RX power threshold alarms.  Even though there is an sfp reporting both types of alarms currently, LOW RX light and low Bias Current.




Answered on January 6, 2021 10:17 pm

Hi Skyler,

Thank you for writing to the forum. Please correct me if I am wrong, you are able to see alarm in the output of "show interfaces transceiver dom threshold" but syslog is not reporting the alarm though logging is enabled using the command:

monitor layer1
logging transceiver

May I know if the alarms in the output of "show interfaces transceiver dom threshold" came prior to the configuration of monitor layer1 or did the alarms were raised after the configuration?

The configuration will send new alarms to syslog. For testing, either the switch could be reloaded or you could raise an alarm by unplugging/shutting a port to verify if the syslog gets populated.
For example:

Jan 6 22:14:23 do396 Snmp: %LAYER1MONITOR-6-TXPOWER_THRESHOLD_RECOVERED: Ethernet49/1 transmit power has returned to normal.
Jan 6 22:14:48 do396 Snmp: %LAYER1MONITOR-3-TXPOWER_THRESHOLD_LOW_ALARM: Ethernet49/1 transmit power is infdBm, which is lower than the alarm threshold of -11.0018dBm.


Posted by Milliken Kathryn
Answered on January 9, 2021 6:06 am

As far as i know, when use the 3rd party transceiver without 3rd party transceiver code But use 3rd party transceiver in ZTP mode, interface status is connected and switch Interface Transceiver Alarms not displaying in logs.






Posted by Skyler Prahl
Answered on January 9, 2021 8:22 pm

You are 100% right, it is only new alarms that are being displayed, I realized that after some time waiting for it and force creating new alarms physically on local device.


The other problem is, if I have an SFP in a port but have the port disabled (for future use) and it is reporting -30dbm, or low bias, or any of the other layer1 dom alarms, it doesn't stop reporting the alarms when the port is disabled.

So in the field we have multiple 7050's that have an sfp in a port that isn't being used currently and would only be used in a backup type of situation, but need to have the alarms stop when that port is disabled as this is all being collected through snmp and the alarms being displayed on a dashboard that we continuously monitor.  Is there a way to disable layer1monitor on specific ports?


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