Posted on March 12, 2015 2:24 pm
 |  Asked by Nik Nik
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I run vEOS 4.13.7M in VirtualBox. Inspired by the logGrab bash script provided here on EOS Central I wrote this tiny little script

FILENAME=startup-config_$HOSTNAME_$(date +%Y-%m-%d.%H%M%S)
 cd /mnt/flash
 cp startup-config $FILENAME

Invoked from CLI it works like a charm, producing lots of config files to fill my flash:

Leaf1#bash /mnt/flash/
 Directory of flash:/
-rwx         154           Feb 19 16:52
 -rwx          20           Jun 16  2014  boot-config
 drwx        4096           Aug 22  2014  debug
 drwx        4096           Feb 19 07:44  persist
 drwx        4096           Aug 22  2014  schedule
 -rwx        1062           Feb 19 16:53  startup-config
 -rwx        1062           Feb 19 16:26  startup-config_2015-02-19.162615
 -rwx        1062           Feb 19 16:32  startup-config_2015-02-19.163234
 -rwx        1062           Feb 19 16:32  startup-config_2015-02-19.163240
 -rwx        1062           Feb 19 16:51  startup-config_2015-02-19.165112
 -rwx        1062           Feb 19 16:52  startup-config_2015-02-19.165243
 -rwx        1062           Feb 19 16:52  startup-config_2015-02-19.165257
 -rwx        1062           Feb 19 22:43  startup-config_2015-02-19.224341
 -rwx   203152416           Jun 16  2014  vEOS.swi
 -rwx          13            Oct 7  2014  zerotouch-config
1938747392 bytes total (1530761216 bytes free)


Unfortunatley when I configure event-handler to start the script on startup-config changes it produces an ACTION_FAILED event…

event-handler ARCHIVE_STARTUP
 trigger on-startup-config
 action bash /mnt/flash/
Leaf1#write mem
 Copy completed successfully.
 Leaf1#show event-handler
 Event-handler ARCHIVE_STARTUP
 Trigger: on-startup-config delay 20 seconds
 Action: /mnt/flash/
 Action expected to finish in less than 10 seconds
 Last Trigger Activation Time: 9 seconds ago
 Total Trigger Activations: 2
 Last Action Time: 2 minutes 31 seconds ago
 Total Actions: 1
Leaf1#show log last 1 minutes
 Feb 20 12:57:05 Leaf1 Cli: %SYS-5-CONFIG_STARTUP: Startup config saved from system:/running-config by nik on vty3 (
 Feb 20 12:57:25 Leaf1 EventMgr: %SYS-6-EVENT_TRIGGERED: Event handler ARCHIVE_STARTUP was activated
 Feb 20 12:57:25 Leaf1 EventMgr: %SYS-5-EVENT_ACTION_FAILED: Event handler action ARCHIVE_STARTUP did not complete with exit code 0: Action returned with exit code 127

Not being much of a script kiddy I would assume my script is messed up but since it runs perfectly when envoked manually I doubt that. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance and best regards everybody!



Posted by Edmund
Answered on March 12, 2015 2:53 pm


Hi Nik,

The error code you’re getting (Action returned with exit code 127) means the command was not found.

Looking at your action, you’re calling
but the script is called

(extra S after config). If you change that your event handler should work.


Wow, that was stupid… Now I’m sorry for the question, but you wouldn’t believe how long I tried to solve this issue without realizing the typo. Thank you very much!

(Nik Nik at March 12, 2015 3:18 pm)

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