Posted on December 14, 2017 4:53 pm
 |  Asked by Marks Maslovs
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We are trying to run multicast in data center overlay network. In our data centers we are using L3 leaf-spine topology with VXLAN. For the control plane BGP EVPN is used.  Leaf switches are deployed in an MLAG configuration.

We want to run multicast between hosts that are on same vlan across switches in different MLAG domains.

Multiple multicast receivers, as well as multiple senders are connected to different MLAG domains and are all in the same VLAN.

Multicast receiver can receive m-c stream from the sender if both of them are in the same MLAG domain. But if receiver is connected to MLAG domain A, and a sender is connected to the MLAG domain B, then receiver is not getting m-c stream.

IGMP queriers are enabled on the each leaf switch in MLAG domains “A” and “B”.  

All senders and receivers can reach each other using unicast traffic.


So the questions are,

1. What could be missing in our configuration to run multicast between different MLAG domains using VXLAN?

2. What counters could show the reason of multicast drop?

Appreciate any help!

Posted by Marks Maslovs
Answered on January 30, 2018 9:52 am


Maybe it will come handy for someone. Here is a comment from Arista support on this case”

“In the overlay IGMP snooping is not supported. For now in the overlay, only flooding all multicast is supported.”

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