Posted on May 10, 2017 10:42 pm
 |  Asked by amy amy
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Hi, I am having a bit of an issue in getting this to work and if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

I am trying to do a 1:1 Source and Destination NAT for a route advertised over BGP.

The SNAT rule is working but the DNAT is not.

Traffic hits the external interface but never exits the internal interface.


Thanks for taking a look!


Here is the relevant sanitized config:

! device: SSP2 (DCS-7150S-52-CL, EOS-4.17.0F)
! boot system flash:/EOS-4.17.0F.swi
vlan 105
   name Peer
vlan 505
   name Peer_TR
vrf definition Peer_vrf
   rd 65505:505
interface Ethernet14
   description Peer_TR
   switchport access vlan 505
interface Ethernet27
   switchport trunk allowed vlan 19,101-132
   switchport mode trunk
interface Vlan105
   vrf forwarding Peer_vrf
   ip address
interface Vlan505
   vrf forwarding Peer_vrf
   ip address 10.XXX.XXX.82/30
   ip nat source static
   ip nat destination static
ip virtual-router mac-address 00:1c:73:1f:84:c5
ip route vrf Peer_vrf Null0
ip routing
ip routing vrf Peer_vrf
router bgp 65000
   vrf a1_vrf
      local-as 65505
      timers bgp 30 90
      neighbor 172.XXX.XXX.81 remote-as 12345
      neighbor 172.XXX.XXX.81 maximum-routes 12000
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Posted by Sachin M Menon
Answered on May 11, 2017 6:58 am

Hi Amy,

Currently, we do not support NAT in a non-default VRF.

Could we configure VLAN 505 under default VRF and check if NAT is working as expected?




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