Posted on July 6, 2017 12:56 am
 |  Asked by Alex samad
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I have OSPF setup on my arista switches

interface Vlan9

   description MAN interface

   ip address

   ip ospf dead-interval 120

   ip ospf priority 200

   ip ospf authentication message-digest

   ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 7 xxxxxxx


router ospf 1


   network 10.3.190/24 area

   network area

   max-lsa 12000

   log-adjacency-changes detail


What I am seeing on the PA is session time outs and aged session around OSPF from my 2 arista’s.


my aristas are DR & BDR, I don’t get these timeout with any of the other OSPF devices on the network.


are there any know issues with interop between arista and PA’s


Posted by Josh Rivers Rivers
Answered on July 6, 2017 1:15 am


Can you share your OSPF Config and Firewall Policy for the port(s) you are using on your PA?

Posted by joe-d
Answered on July 7, 2017 2:51 pm



I did a quick copy/paste of your config above into a lab switch and assumed  to be loopack0.

*** note ***

this has a typo:     network 10.3.190/24 area

  I made it to be area 0


*** /note ***

I issued the CLI


show ip ospf interface brief

mt550…14:43:45#show ip os interface brief 

   Interface    PID   VRF        Area            IP Address         Cost  State      Nbrs

   Loopback0    1     default           10    Waiting    0


confirming my suspicion, you don’t have a network statement applicable to vlan9 .  I then added the necessary network statement:


mt550…14:43:51#conf t

mt550…14:44:48(config)#router ospf 1

mt550…14:44:52(config-router-ospf)#network area 0


mt550…14:44:58#show ip os interface brief

   Interface    PID   VRF        Area            IP Address         Cost  State      Nbrs

   Vlan9        1     default           10    Waiting    0

   Loopback0    1     default           10    DR         0



and see the vlan9 interface now doing OSPF.  Please send the applicable PA OSPF configs && FW policy.

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