Posted on August 8, 2018 5:03 pm
 |  Asked by Roy Bartram
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Is there an Arista procedure or tutorial available which includes utilizing an PRBS pattern and testing to a remote loop? I have seen similar documents for Cisco and Juniper, but have not been able to find same for Arista. Thanks.

Posted by Manuel Lai
Answered on October 13, 2018 11:05 am

Hi Roy

Arista 7280R and 7500R series support PRBS:

interface Ethernet47
description TX side
phy diag transmitter test pattern PRBS31

interface Ethernet47
description RX side
phy diag receiver test pattern PRBS31

Different PRBS are available. You can check configured/available PRBS with:
sh interface ethernet 47 phy diag test pattern
Configured Operational
Interface Transmit Receive Transmit Receive Available
—————- ——– ——- ——– ——- —————————-
Ethernet47 PRBS31 PRBS31 PRBS31 PRBS31 PRBS 7,9,11,15,23,31,58

The see the results you can run “show interfaces ethernet 47 phy diag test pattern counter detail”:

Last clear 0:19:38 ago
Operational test pattern PRBS31
Current State Changes Last Change
————- ——- ———–
Lane 0
Bit rate 10.312 Gbps
Lock state locked 9 0:00:07 ago
Largest burst 9110
Bit errors 22583* 7 0:00:01 ago
Total bits 12,149.850 Gb
Bit error rate 1.86E-09*
Bit errors since last lock 2580
Total bits since last lock 77.690 Gb
BER since last lock 3.32E-08

You might also be interested in loopback commands:
“RX” loop:
traffic-loopback source network device phy


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