Posted on April 1, 2021 2:40 am
 |  Asked by Oliver Ettlin
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I would like to know if the command “ptp forward-v1” is still supported on all the Platforms?

Thank you in advance

Answered on April 1, 2021 2:40 am

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for reaching out.

I have tested this command on latest EOS version i.e on 4.25.2F and I could see the configuration taking effect.However this command is supported only on few Hardware models.

switch(config)#ptp ?
clock-accuracy         Set clock accuracy
clock-identity          Set Clock Identity
domain                     Set the PTP domain
forward-unicast      Configure switch to forward PTP unicast packets in PTP boundary mode
forward-v1                Configure switch to forward PTP V1 packets
hardware-sync         PTP Hardware Time Synchronization configuration
hold-ptp-time          Hold PTP offset and skew
ip                                 IP config commands
local-priority            Set the value of the clock local priority ( G8275 profile BMCA )
management            Configure Management messages processing
message-type           Configure message-type specific attributes
mode Configure       PTP operating mode
monitor                      Record PTP timing data
netsync-monitor      Configure NetSync Monitor
priority1                     Set the value of priority1
priority2                    Set the value of priority2
profile                          Configure PTP in a specific profile
source                           Set the source IP for PTP
ttl                                  Set the TTL of PTP packets
unicast-negotiation  Configure PTP Unicast Negotiation

switch(conf)#ptp forward-v1

Could you please confirm the Hardware platform and EOS version on which this is being tested/configured?


Also there is a limitation with PTP V1 Packet forwarding:

PTP v1 packet forwarding is incompatible with both Tap Aggregation BR/VN tags stripping and GUE packet decapsulation. The workaround is to disable these features before enabling `ptp forward-v1` configuration.




Posted by Oliver Ettlin
Answered on April 1, 2021 6:02 am

Hey Bhavana

Thank you for your fast response. Is there a way to find out which hardware models?



Answered on April 1, 2021 9:35 am

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your response.

I have tested 'ptp forward-v1' command on only few Hardware models (7060CX,7150,7280CR,7050T,7050TX2).

I could see that this command is supported on 7060CX,7150,7050TX2 models and is not supported on 7280CR,7050T.

Could you please confirm Hardware models in your network environment on which you are testing/configuring this command so that I can check in lab if this command is supported on that model.

I couldn't find any document explicitly which shows the platform models that support this command




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