Posted on September 9, 2021 1:17 pm
 |  Asked by Open3S Tech
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Hello gents,

It may sound silly but have been unable to find details about this especific operation on CloudVision.

For demonstration purposes to a customer, we would like to remove a switch from CloudVision and onboard it like it was brand new.

We could stop eAPI and streaming agent daemon at the device level to be able to Decommission it at the portal, and it actually dissappears, but as soon as we re-engage state streaming at the switch, it pops back up at CVP.

I take it TerminAttr retains the CVP config and starts live feeding once it has been turned back on.

How can we remove all preserved config in order to start it all out from scratch?

Thanks all

Posted by Wei
Answered on September 9, 2021 5:46 pm

Once you stop the streaming and decommission under CVP, then later enable streaming again, device should be under undefined folder waiting to be provisioned.

Or you can do factory reset of the device under CVP then start the ZTP again.

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