Posted on April 13, 2020 9:02 pm
 |  Asked by Jair Garcia
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Anyone knows how many arista switches could be configured in the same stack?


Thank you.

Answered on April 14, 2020 8:07 am

Hi Jair.

In Arista, there is no stacking (many chassis under one control plane). If your goal is to be able to use multi-chassis link aggregation, Arista does support MLAG technology where a pair of switches work as a logical layer 2 device:

Posted by Nathan White
Answered on April 14, 2020 4:54 pm

Since there is no proprietary stacking protocol on Arista switches, there is no  absolute maximum switches in a 'stack'.  You are really only constrained by your port availability.  If you are stacking 720XP-48ZC2 switches for example, they have 2 100G and 4 25G uplink ports.  Depending on how you cable them, you could have 2 switches in an MLAG pair using 2 of the 25 Gig connections, each using a 25 Gig uplink to the core and then dual home 9 additional switches at 25Gig (breaking the 100Gig in 4x25G) for a total stack of 11 48 port switches.  If you use a pair of 7050SX3-48YC8 switches at the top of a stack in an MLAG pair, you could then dual home over 48 switches in a stack.  Not having a set limit with a proprietary stacking protocol allows much greater flexibility in designing to your actual needs not to a protocol limitation.

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