Posted on December 14, 2020 6:21 am
 |  Asked by robma Bayu
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Hi All

I deploy vxlan that controlled by CVX. However there some warning in config-sanity.

below are the output text from “show vxlan config-sanity”

Local VTEP Configuration Check WARN
VLAN-VNI Map WARN VLAN 915 does not exist
VLAN-VNI Map WARN VLAN 916 does not exist
VLAN-VNI Map WARN VLAN 920 does not exist
Flood List WARN No remote VTEP in VLAN 920
Flood List WARN No remote VTEP in VLAN 915
Flood List WARN No remote VTEP in VLAN 916
Routing WARN Virtual VTEP IP is not configured
CVX Configuration Check FAIL
CVX Server FAIL No route to
MLAG Configuration Check FAIL
Peer VTEP IP FAIL Invalid local VTEP IP


this is the configuration i made for vxlan


interface Vxlan1
vxlan source-interface Loopback1
vxlan controller-client
vxlan udp-port 4789
vxlan vlan 915 vni 1000915
vxlan vlan 916 vni 1000916
vxlan vlan 920 vni 1000920
vxlan vlan 1456 vni 1001456
vxlan vlan 1457 vni 1001457


However the connectivity between hosts using vxlan is running. I just want to make sure that my configuration is already firm. In addition vxlan controller status is already established, but still warning in config-sanity.

Answered on December 14, 2020 6:27 am

Hi Robma,

Thanks for reaching out.

a)Regarding "Routing WARN Virtual VTEP IP is not configured" warning in Vxlan Config-Sanity Output:

There would be no secondary loopback ip address configured on your VTEP:

interface loopback1                     --->used as source interfaces for Vxlan logical interface

ip address <x.x.x.x>/32             ---->Primary address used as VTEP IP.

ip address <x.x.x.x>/32 secondary  --->secondary address used mainly for VVTEP IP.

The VVTEP (Virtual VTEP) ip is the need to configure a secondary IP address on the Vxlan loopback source and is configured only on Routed/L3 VTEP’s that have Vxlan Any cast gateway SVI’s (whether with VARP or IP address virtual) with VMAC.

Also VVTEP is must in the presence of L2VTEP in Vxlan Network Environment to avoid MAC flaps on L2 VTEP and ARP flaps on end Hosts.

However it is logically not needed in the absence of L2 VTEP.

You can refer to the below TOI for more detailed info regarding the need for VVTEP IP in particular scenarios and the problems address by it:


b)Regarding "Peer VTEP IP FAIL Invalid local VTEP IP" warning :

This seems to be a known cosmetic bug introduced in 4.24.2 EOS version where “show vxlan config-sanity” on MLAG-VTEPs falsely complains “Invalid local VTEP IP” and “Peer vVTEP IP does not match”.

Could you please answer the below queries which would help in confirming the above:

1)What is the current EOS version on the VTEPs?

2)Is this a standalone VTEP or MLAG VTEP?

3) Are the VTEP configs on both MLAG devices symmetrical?




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