Posted on July 29, 2020 5:43 am
 |  Asked by Anatoliy Dontsov
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We need to decide on the models of switches for the iSCSI network. What recommendations does Arista give in this regard? What models would be best suited for this purpose? Our servers and storage systems have 10Gbps interfaces.

Thank you!

Answered on July 29, 2020 4:44 pm

Hi Anatoliy,

Thank you for writing to the forum. Based on your requirement, Arista has a number of products that work on the iSCSI network. Ranging from deep buffers, to fast switching switches. Since there is a large variety, the forum may not be sufficient to answer your queries.

You may contact your local Arista Sales Rep, email sales team, or leave a message to the sales team by filling up a form to get in touch. Information is available on

Thank you!


Posted by Alexis Dacquay
Answered on August 3, 2020 6:11 pm

Hi Anatoliy,

As a rule of thumb, if the traffic is going to be heavy and any-to-any, there is going to be a large stress on the buffers.

You will have very good performance with an R-series switch.

Whether 7020SR or 7280R, depending on the amount of ports you need, they would cope with anything.


You can also try shallow buffer switches such as the 7050X3-series or 7060X2 (higher density than 7050X3, but fewer features). However, choosing shallow buffer you risk to suffer degradation of performance as you populated your switch.  I have seen that multiple times with customers that go from a light to an heavier deployment.


In conclusion, it depends on how heavy your iSCSI traffic will be.

  • light : go for a 7050X3
  • heavy : go for a R-series


This is a simplistic approach that works pretty well, but to have a customised solution that suit you best you may want to contact a Sales representative and have a discussion with a Systems Engineer.


Thank you




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