Posted on June 16, 2021 9:26 pm
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Hi all,


I’m experiencing an error using some QSFP28 transceivers.


The transceiver does not turn on, the logs at our DCS-7060CX-32S-F are:

2021 Jun 16 12:27:55 SW-CORE01-LDB XcvrAgent: 357: %TRANSCEIVER-4-POWER_CLASS_UNSUPPORTED: The transceiver in slot Ethernet31 is disabled, as it requires more power than can be provided in this slot. Manufacturer: OPTLASER model: OPT8PM01D rev: A serial number: 07CI1812040837 Maximum power available: 4.5W Transceiver power request: 5W


The firmware is running at version 4.25.1F.


Does anyone have any solution for this issue?


Thanks in Advance,


Posted by Manoaj
Answered on June 17, 2021 3:44 am

Hi Joao,

Thank you for posting your query on the EOS forum!

As mentioned in the log, The inserted transceiver requires more power than can be provided by the slot. In this case, the transceiver requests 5W, whereas the maximum available power on the slot is 4.5W. All Arista 100G QSFP ports are designed to handle QSFP transceivers that draw up to 4.5W. If a 100G QSFP draws greater than 4.5W, Arista cannot guarantee the performance since there are other dependencies like airflow direction, ambient temperature, elevation, etc.

Also, we can notice that the transceiver in place is non-Arista qualified transceiver. We highly recommend using Arista-qualified transceivers, as they go through several tests across all Arista platforms and code trains. Arista devices work on best-effort service concerning non-Arista transceivers. To procure Arista qualified QSFP, kindly get in touch with the SE/Sales team.


Manoaj Mani

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