Posted on January 18, 2021 2:49 am
 |  Asked by Rune Kausland
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I am unable to get link on a 100G link. It was working fine for months. It is in errDisabled state and Transceiver Interrupt Count keeps increasing. Can anyone please explain what this counter is?

#sh int e 63/1 phy detail
Current System Time: Thu Jan 14 13:47:01 2021
Current State Changes Last Change
————- ——- ———–
*** WARNING: some information is stale.
PHY state errDisabled 245 58 days, 9:47:12 ago
Interface state down 227 58 days, 9:47:12 ago
HW resets 0 never
Transceiver 100GBASE-CWDM4 18 0:09:58 ago
Transceiver SN G2002087059
Oper speed 100Gbps
Interrupt Count 790
Transceiver Reset Count 0 never
Transceiver Interrupt Count 75 0:00:02 ago
Transceiver Smbus Failures 0 never
Diags mode normalOperation
Model Bcm56971-tscf16 (A)
Loopback none
Xcvr EEPROM read timeout 0 never
Spurious xcvr detection 0 never
DOM control/status fail 0
Presence indication xcvrPresent 29 0:10:05 ago
Bad EEPROM checksums 0 never
RX_LOS since system boot False 14 0:35:02 ago
RX_LOS since insertion 0
TX_FAULT since system boot False 0 never
TX_FAULT since insertion 0
PMA/PMD RX signal detect ok 11 24 days, 2:59:34 ago
Forward Error Correction Reed-Solomon
Reed-Solomon codeword size 528
FEC alignment lock unaligned 0 never
FEC corrected codewords 0 0 never
FEC uncorrected codewords 0 0 never
FEC lane corrected symbols
Lane 0 0 0 never
Lane 1 0 0 never
Lane 2 0 0 never
Lane 3 0 0 never
FEC lane mapping
FEC lane 00 01 02 03
PMA lane 00 01 02 03
PCS RX link status down 244 58 days, 9:47:12 ago
PCS high BER ok 0 never
PCS BER 10582 135683 24 days, 3:00:13 ago
PCS error blocks 0 24 days, 3:00:08 ago
Lane 0
RXPPM CLK90 CLKP1 PF(M,L) VGA DCO DFE(1,2,3,4,5,6) TXPPM TXEQ(n1,m,p1,2,3)
-1 30 0 0,1 20 -1 19,-11, 0, -3, 0, -1 0 7, 68,25, 0, 0

sh ver
Arista DCS-7260CX3-64-F
Hardware version: 11.03
Serial number:
System MAC address:

Software image version: 4.23.2F
Architecture: i686
Internal build version: 4.23.2F-15405360.4232F
Internal build ID: 85bd3770-9843-4dbb-b95b-cd95eb743c5b

Uptime: 37 weeks, 2 days, 22 hours and 37 minutes
Total memory: 8171252 kB
Free memory: 5567044 kB

Posted by Naveen Chandra
Answered on January 18, 2021 4:46 am

Hi Rune,

Thanks for writing to the forum. We understand that this link is down/ errDisabled state for me than 58 days.

PHY state errDisabled 245 58 days, 9:47:12 ago
Interface state down 227 58 days, 9:47:12 ago

Could you please run the below command to see the reason for the errdisabled?

#show int eth63/1 status errdisabled

Please also check/share the interface status/setting at the far end device.
You can also try by flapping the link by shut/no shut.

Posted by Stuart Dayer
Answered on May 17, 2021 10:45 am

Hi Rune,

The Transceiver Interrupt Count represents the amount of times a transceiver has interrupted the switch processor. Interrupts are commonly used by hardware devices to indicate electronic or physical state changes that require attention.

We often see the Transceiver interrupt count increase when there are issues with either the transceiver, link or link partner, where they may struggle to maintain a consistent constant connection. An increasing transceiver interrupt count is often accompanied by PCS Errors and Rx Loss and link state transitions.

Ensuring consistent interface configuration at each side of the link, and the correct media defined for use with the optic, such as SMF or MMF, is used to connect both sides is a standard requirement. If the issue remains, perform layer 1 maintenance to clean, replace components in the path between devices.

Hope this helps.

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