Posted on July 1, 2021 2:53 pm
 |  Asked by Michael Witte
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I am trying to get cloud builder to provision the leaf and spine templates and getting error. I am new to cloud builder and have read through documentation. the goal is to take these 4 spines and 4 leafs that are under a container in CVP, have management on the switch for reachability and http api support and use cloud builder to apply the MP-BGP EVPN configuration automatically, pulling IPs and ASN from CVP IPAM. However when I try to manage a switch in Cloud Builder and make a leaf a leaf role(or spine), apply the “post421-bgp-leaf-tmpl”(ive tried the other bgp-leaf-tmpl template as well) it bombs with the following error

Unable to get devices list

CheckCBCompliant: GetDeviceConfigConfiglet: No _config configlet found for device [00:50:56:af:f3:c5]

I am using EOS switches in a vmware environment and they have management configuration for reachability and http api access.
The 4 spines and 4 leafs were moved to a new container I created(CVP_DC) to apply new images and reconcile) in cloud vision, the latest software applied and the switches were reconciled and no config or Software issues everything is green. 
I have configured IPAM to have the fabric address range, loopback, MLAG, etc according to the guides.

There are some more notes in the enclosed pdf and screen shots.

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