Posted on February 11, 2021 10:46 pm
 |  Asked by Matthew Taylor
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Hello, I have a client this is running CVP 2017.2.3 what is the upgrade path to the 2020 and do the switches need to be at 4.17.3F at a minimum?  Thanks

Answered on February 12, 2021 3:22 am

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out.

The upgrade path for 2020.1.2 from 2017.2.3 version is 2017.2.3 -- > 2018.1.4 -- > 2018.2.5 --> 2020.1.2

You can download cvp-2020.1.2-kvm.tgz file from Arista Software Downloads Page:


Once you go to Software Downloads Page.You can click on  Cloudvision --->Cloudvision portal -->Active Releases -->Select the CVP version you would like to upgrade to (2020.1.2) --->Click on cvp-2020.1.2-kvm.tgz file

Also the minimum EOS version needs to be greater than 4.20.x in order to be compatible with CVP version.Also TerminAttr version needs to be higher than 1.7.4(Recommended is TA>1.8.5+) in order to be compatible with both EOS and CVP versions.

You can check for the compatible EOS and TerminAttr versions in Cloudvision Release notes for that particular version.

This can be found in the same path as above:

Cloudvision --->Cloudvision portal -->Active Releases -->Select the CVP version you would like to upgrade to (2020.1.2) --->Click on CloudVisionPortal-2020.1.2-ReleaseNotes-v1.0.pdf to check further for hardware/software requirements and for upgrade path.


Before Upgrading we would recommend you to contact your Arista SE for discussing regarding version recommendation for CVP,EOS,TerminAttr as they are more aware of your network deployments and requirements.




Posted by Philippe Bureau
Answered on February 12, 2021 2:04 pm


I echo Bhavana's recommendation to reach out to your SE to get support.

CVP 2017 and 2018 are not supported anymore and will not be available for download from the Arista website.  Your SE can help you getting access to those older releases or setup a different plan

Also you should know that the upgrade to 2019 includes a database encoding migration which can take a couple of hours.


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