Posted on April 27, 2015 2:26 am
 |  Asked by Nehmaan Ahmed
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Hi Guys,


I\’m having a strange issue and hoping someone might be able to help.


All interfaces apart from Management0 appear to experience high latency. A normal ping is 11 msec. I suspect this maybe because they are all 10Gbps interfaces and the rest of my lab network is 1Gbps including the NIC\’s on the ESXi host.


Any support is well appreciated.


Kind regards,

Posted by apech
Answered on April 27, 2015 2:31 am

Hi Nehmaan,

This is expected. vEOS-lab is a simulated version of our product for testing. Forwarding for front-panel interfaces is all done in software. The simulated asic supports a wide array of features in userspace, at the cost of performance.

The reason you are seeing higher latency through front-panel interfaces (EthernetN) compared to the management interface (Management1) is that traffic to the management interface does not go through the simulated asic, and instead is all handled by the kernel.

Hope this helps,

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