Posted on October 25, 2019 11:42 am
 |  Asked by Chandra
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Is there any limitation for VRRP support on 7280SR boxes. Below is the log what I see on customer boxes. Kindly response on priority.

Hardware Model – 7280SR-C46
EOS Code –

%VRRP-3-CONFIGURED_ADDRESSES_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: Virtual routing configuration, including VARP, MLAG Peer MAC, and VRRP, exceeds the hardware limitation of 16 unique MAC addresses

Posted by Mark Berly
Answered on October 25, 2019 12:30 pm

This message indicates you are exceeding the unique MAC address limit allowed for VRRP/VARP, each time you create a new groupID the device creates a L2 virtual router ID or vrid (MAC address) that the device uses to respond to ARP requests from clients. Good news is the groupIDs/MAC addresses are only locally significant to the specific L2 segment, meaning they are reusable. So instead of using a new groupID just reuse the same one, this will have the system use the same MAC address for the VRRP group, see example below:

Instead of a config that looks like this:
sw1(config-if-Vl30)#vrrp 30 ipv4
sw1(config-if-Vl40)#vrrp 40 ipv4
sw1(config-if-Vl40)#vrrp 50 ipv4
* The above uses 3 MAC addresses (vrid)

Do this:
sw1(config-if-Vl30)#vrrp 1 ipv4
sw1(config-if-Vl40)#vrrp 1 ipv4
sw1(config-if-Vl40)#vrrp 1 ipv4
* The above use 1 MAC address (vrid)

There is a good article on this topic at:

Also I would encourage you to look at VARP instead of VRRP, it is far superior as a FHRP, see details of overviews and implementation details of the two at:

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