Posted on September 11, 2021 9:45 pm
 |  Asked by Steeve Beauvais
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I’m testing VxLAN/eVPN features via EVE-NG topology.

I would like to assign a vni to a physical port instead of a vlan id.

Doing a 1:1 VNI VLAN mapping is a very big limitation because on a leaf switch we still are limited of 4096 VLAN.

I would like to autorize 2 customers connected on 2 physical interfaces to use the same VLANS ID.

Is it possible with Arista devices?

Thank you for your answers!

Best regards


Posted by Aniket Bhowmick
Answered on September 13, 2021 3:02 am

Hi Steeve,

Thank you for reaching out to us on EOS forums.

What might help meeting this requirement is by using EVPN-VPWS (rfc- feature that provides point to point L2VPN services using Pseudowire.

This is the link to the TOI-

In that there are two modes: port mode and vlan mode.

  • In Port mode P2p Pseudowire, the interface (where customer is connected) can receive packet with any Vlan tag and that will be sent to the remote site. The Vlan tags are retained while packets are encapsulated in the Pseudowire tunnel.
  • In Vlan mode, a p2p Pseudowire can be made specific to per Vlan. The Vlan tags are not retained in that case when it is encapsulated.

However, this feature is only supported with MPLS as the dataplane (packets will be encapsulated using MPLS labels). Vxlan is not supported as of now.

Please read the TOI (link shared already) and let us know if it can help or  you can work with your Arista SE to help you with the design.



Posted by Wei
Answered on September 13, 2021 11:51 am

Hi Steve,

There is 4K vlan limit per device, you can use vlan translation to commonize to unique vlan, and map that to VNI.

The other way is to define with l2 sub-interface and associate with unique vlan (please read for limitations)

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