Posted on June 1, 2017 10:35 am
 |  Asked by Konstantin G
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i am a new one in Arista and trying to figure it out.
I have Arista 7050s-64 which EOS is better?
i have downloaded the latest version vEOS-lab-4.18.1F.swi and when i do “sho environment” i can not see anything. is it ok?


localhost#show environment all

System is not yet initialized.

% System is not yet initialized

But if i boot the version  – EOS-4.8.3.swi 
it show me everything.
What should i do, what version to choose?


Posted by Alexandru
Answered on June 1, 2017 3:00 pm

Hi Konstantin,

vEOS-lab-4.18.1F.swi is a image which was created for use in a virtual environment like VirtualBox, VMware,QEMU or similar.

This image is not suitable to be loaded on a real switch and will not work correctly if done so.
The images you are looking for are located in EOS — Active Releases.

For example you can download EOS 4.18.2F which is located in the following path:
EOS — Active Releases — 4.18 — EOS-4.18.2F — EOS-4.18.2F.swi

Alternatively, for your specific platform, you can use the EOS-2GB variants for the EOS-4.18 train since they are more suited for the smaller flash present on this switch. This can be found in the following path:
EOS — Active Releases — 4.18 — EOS-4.18.2F — EOS-2G — EOS-2GB-4.18.2F.swi

Once a suitable image is loaded on the unit, it should work as expected and all functionality should be present.

Please note that support contract coverage of your installed base of switches is required for access to the secure areas of our website including software downloads and technical documentation.

For more details regarding software download please check the following link

Thanks for the answer!!!
At the
all i see is vEOS
How can i get access to EOS ???

(Konstantin G at June 2, 2017 7:47 am)

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